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  • Tornado Creates Huge Dust Cloud

    Tornado Creates Huge Dust Cloud

    Tornadoes have strong winds that create a vortex. This vortex sucks up dirt and debris into a funnel. This debris and dirt are what makes a tornado visible. Without debris, tornadoes would ne invisible. In fact, wind shears are often invisible. Video Source They are powerful straight line winds that can cause major damage to […]

  • Unusual Tree Facts

    Unusual Tree Facts

    Trees are all around us. They have long been associated with strength due to their grand stature and long life spans. They also provide us with so many things from fruits, to shade, to building material. In this video, you will learn some unusual facts about trees. If you have a tree that you need […]

  • Man Picks Impossible Locks

    Man Picks Impossible Locks

    Every once in a while, we accidently lock ourselves out of our car or home. This when it makes sense to call a home locksmith to let you back in. They will likely ask for your identification to make sure you are the home owner. Video Source Next thing you know, your home will be […]

  • Worst Parking Ever

    Worst Parking Ever

    Parking cars is not that hard. Some people just get a little too ambitious or a little too careless. Sometimes, it is a bit of both. Regardless, most of the people in this video are going to need to contact an automotive repair service. In this video, you may see some of the worst parking […]

  • How To Structure A Home For Sale Video Professionally

    How To Structure A Home For Sale Video Professionally

    Real estate agents should create a home tour to show their clients the nature of the house for sale. Visuals attract customers to get a glimpse of what they intend to buy. The house at hand is a seven-bedroom apartment located in Sandy Springs. It is custom-built, easily accessible, and located in a prime location. […]

  • Watch These Porch Pirates Get Caught Red-Handed

    Watch These Porch Pirates Get Caught Red-Handed

    Every year, millions of packages are delivered. Unfortunately, porch pirates attempt to steal many packages each year as well. Porch pirating has gotten more common too. In this video, you will see some of these porch pirates get caught red-handed. The reactions are priceless. Some of these criminals are going to need a bailbond to […]

  • Storm Chaser Gets Dangerously Close to EF4 Tornado

    Storm Chaser Gets Dangerously Close to EF4 Tornado

    If your house has been in the path of a tornado, you are lucky if all you need is roofing services. Weak tornadoes will carry a roof away, while larger tornadoes may take the entire house. In this video, you will see a storm chaser get dangerously close to an extremely powerful tornado. Video Source […]

  • Child Has Super Powers

    Child Has Super Powers

    Children have incredible imaginations. One second they could be eating lunch, the next they could be a superhero. The combination of their imaginations and gullibility make them excellent candidates for pranks such as the one in this video. In this video, a father is outside with his son. The father secretly has the garage door […]

  • Crazy Tornado Footage

    Crazy Tornado Footage

    Tornadoes are notorious for ripping roofs right off of houses. This tornado was no exception. In this video, you will see a tornado rip a roof right off of a house. Hank Schyma is a veteran storm chaser. The day is May 9th, 2016. Hank is in Oklahoma following a promising supercell. Video Source Sure […]

  • Beautiful Rope Tornado

    Beautiful Rope Tornado

    Tornadoes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are long and slender, while others are massive and cone-like. However, they all share one thing in common. These tornadoes are all capable of decimating roofs and whole buildings. If your roof has been destroyed by a tornado, call a commercial roofer expert today. In this video, […]