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Tattoo removal companies are hoping to capitalize on a wave of millennial “regretters.”
For decades, tattoo removal has been an expensive and painful procedure that can result in varying degrees of success.

Laser treatment is the most popular tattoo removal procedure today. It’s a process that involves heating the ink particles in the skin and breaking them down into small pieces for the immune system to naturally eliminate the tattoo over time.

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However, laser tattoo removal is usually associated with a lower risk of scarring than other removal methods so you may want to avoid picking at the area as it heals, as this can increase your risk of scarring.

Surgical tattoo removal, also known as excision tattoo removal, entails cutting off tattooed skin and sewing the remaining skin back together. It is the most invasive method of tattoo removal, but it is also the only way to guarantee the complete removal of a tattoo.

It is less expensive than laser removal, but it always results in a scar. As a result, it is usually reserved for smaller tattoos. Depending on the size of the tattoo, the procedure can take several hours. The recovery period will last several weeks. Tattoo removal companies have increased in numbers but one thing for sure is to find a qualified specialist.


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