The Next Generation of Fire Trucks are Here


Firefighters have an extraordinarily difficult job. They must brave burning buildings and toxic smoke to save the people and homes that they have sword to protect. This couldn’t be done without a trusty firetruck. Firetrucks have been around for as long as we have had vehicles. These trucks move firefighters, fire prevention equipment, water, and more to the scene of the fire. In recent years, firetrucks have been getting an upgrade.

Video Source

In this video, you will see the next generation of firetrucks in all their glory.

What immediately stands out about these new firetrucks is just how durable they look. Each one seems very rugged with giant off-road wheels. In fact, they are designed to be able to fight fires wherever they may happen. They will even be able to fight fires in the middle of a forest. In fact, this is often where fires originate. Sometimes all it takes is a campfire that is left unattended. These new firetrucks will be able to get right to the source of the fire very quickly. These trucks also can carry at lot of water and have water sprayers to directly assist with putting out the fire.


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