Funny Criminal Fails on Video


Criminals are not known for being the brightest bunch. They get themselves into precarious situations and often make unusual decisions. Sometimes, these funny mistakes are caught on security cameras. In this video, you will see several different instances where criminals failed in a miserably funny manner. Hopefully after a serious of unfortunate decisions, these criminals can make good decisions by getting some reliable bail bonds.

One of the funniest instances caught on video is of a thief getting squished by a vending machine. It fell right on top of him. Fortunately, he was alright and his buddy was able to help him get out from underneath.

Video Source

Believe it or not, vending machines can be deadly due to their weight. Let this be a lesson to never steal from a vending machine.

Another criminal was robbing a house. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until he comes across a room with a large mirror. The robber then gets spooked by the mirror. He presumably thought that the person in the mirror was in fact a real person. Instead, he was just scared of his own reflection. You can see him as he bolts out the door and down the street.


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