Worst Parking Ever


Parking cars is not that hard. Some people just get a little too ambitious or a little too careless. Sometimes, it is a bit of both. Regardless, most of the people in this video are going to need to contact an automotive repair service. In this video, you may see some of the worst parking that you have ever seen.

Video Source

The first clip in the video is of a jeep attempting to climb some large cinder blocks. Jeeps are known for being all terrain vehicles. However, these blocks are a little too steep. The jeep climbs the blocks with one wheel, this causes the vehicle to lose balance and tip over on its side.

The next clip shows some gentlemen talking behind a car. The car then quickly reverses, sending the unsuspecting man flying into his group of friends. Thankfully it looks like he is alright. I can’t say the same for the drivers mental state.

Another clip shows a truck with the back door open. It is backing up with a forklift in the back. However, the forklift is not secured. It promptly slides out the back and lands on its back. That is not good.


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