Why You Dont Want to Get Electrocuted


Electrocution is no joke. In fact, electrocution is a combination of the words “electric” and “execution.” In other words, this means death by electricity. The lesser extent of this word is electric shock. Most of us have felt some level of electric shock.

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Electric shocks can range from tingles to a painful burning sensation. Electricity can certainly be dangerous. That is why it is a good idea to call a licensed electrician. In this video, you will learn more about electrocution.

Electric shock involves a current of electric charge flowing from one object to your body. This current is made up of electrons or ions. Our bodies already use ions moving across membranes to send signals. However, when excessive current passes into your body, the membranes overreact. This can result in burns, muscle contractions, and seizures.

All it takes is 20mA for a person to stop breathing from shock. Further, 100mA will actually stop a heart from beating. The amount of current that goes into your body depends on voltage and resistance. Your skin protects you from some voltage, however anything above 500 volts will pierce through your skin and stop your heart. This is why electricity must be taken seriously.


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