Watch These Guys Intentionally Break Unusual New York City Laws


Most people go out of their way to avoid the law. It is generally a complicated and stressful experience. However, hiring a lawyer such as a family law attorney can make it much more manageable. Yet, in this video, some guys intentionally attempted to break highly unusual laws.

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Many of them were simply laws from the past that were never changed. Watch this video to see what happens next. Please note that you should not try any of these stunts for yourself.

One particularly funny law is that you can not derive any pleasure from hitting someone in the face with a ball in a public place. In the video, the one man keep lightly tossing a ball at his friend. However, this did not draw the attention of any cops. Next, they tried to sell dog hair at a local farmer’s market. Unfortunately, they got kicked out of the market as one might expect. Even so, no cops were involved. In fact, they were able to sell one small bag of dog hair which is illegal in New York City. As you can imagine, no cops actually enforce such unusual laws under normal circumstances.


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