Using the Best Custom Packaging to Advertise Product


Businesses bit and small invest time and money into researching marketing strategies to make as many consumers as possible aware of their product and entice them to buy it based on price and the item’s function and other merits. This can greatly impact sales either positively or negatively, and marketing ranges from television ads and billboard ads all the way to a social media presence and setting up signs and posters that people see during their time in public areas. But the battle for consumes’ attention and interest does not end when a consumer is enticed to enter a store; there, such as in grocery stores, many thousands of different products and brands are competing for the shopper’s attention. Some items such as retail price tags and in-store signs and posters can be used to make a shopper aware of new products or sales or discounts, and another major way get a shopper’s attention is th4e packaging itself. Large and small stores alike have many products on the shelves, and good custom packaging can grab someone’s attention and show them why that product is the best one to buy. Custom packaging can come in many varieties based on the product’s nature and the creative team behind the design. What might a customer find?

How Marketing Works

Custom packaging for all sorts of items, ranging from printed coffee bags to dog treat bags to medical marijuana bags, make use of how customers think and act when they are planning to go out and spend money. A lot of time and money has been spent to find out just how consumers think, and this reflects in how products are marketed today. Often, consumers will decide what they buy based not on television ads or pop-ups on the Internet, but instead based on what they see in the store. Many customers go into the store undecided about exactly what they will buy or how much they are willing to spend, and this is where custom packaging plays its role. After all, it has been found that businesses that pay close attention to the packaging of their products experience a 30% increase in consumer interest, and this can be done with attractive and informative custom packaging.

For example, a West Rock Consumer Insights Study carried out in 2016 found out that 26% of respondents consider the packaging of a product extremely important for satisfaction, and consumers are also often willing to buy again from a certain brand if the product that they purchased came in premium packaging. Such packaging can make the consumer feel valued, and informative and attractive packaging can easily make a customer want to buy again from a certain retailer or brand name. This also plays a part in consumer decision-making. It has been found that nearly 85% of shoppers will base their decisions in the store on what they read on product packaging while shopping. This can include ingredients and nutrition facts while finding food or pet food, and coffee bags for sale may show what flavors and roasts are available in a store. Those who love coffee may look for bean bags or grounds bags based on how attractive the packaging is and what flavors are conveyed, and those looking for tea leaves can do much the same.

Recently, medical marijuana has started to become legal in more and more American states, and wherever this medical drug is legal, retailers and producers will want to invest in the proper packaging to make a certain brand of it more appealing to consumers. Medical marijuana available for legal purchase is a relatively new part of the consumer market, but even so, those who sell it will want to make sure that attractive, informative custom packaging is available to make it eye-catching and show interested customers why this product brand is best for them. Smaller shops for groceries or medical marijuana may even create their own packaging for items that they receive, and this custom packaging may take a wide variety of creative form that may appeal to consumers in the store, creating a sense of novelty and a personal touch.

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