Turning Scrap Metal into Artistic Sculptures


When you think about traditional art supplies, you usually think of paint brushes, markers, pencils, and inks. However, there is a whole different art community that replaces traditional pencils and paper with metal supplies instead. The world of sculpture is a niche that few artist’s focus on, yet it produces some of the most exquisite and awe-inspiring pieces.

Video Source

Metal-working is an art that stem way back to ancient times with blacksmithing, but artists in the modern era are recycling old trashed metal to create some of the coolest statues you will ever see. In this video, we will watch as one artist transforms scrap metal into awesome sculptures.

Alan Williams grew up being inspired by taking things apart. Surrounded by the influences of fantasy art, he grew up with a fascination for creatures and the freedom that fantasy provided. Williams, instead of buying art supplies, uses scrap metal around him. He believes in the notion that everything that you need to create is already around you. With welding and smithing experience, he uses elements from trashed machinery to create towering and magnificent statues of animals, creatures, and characters.


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