Tornado Spotter Gets Up Close to a Dangerous Tornado


Tornadoes can be a scary sight to behold. Even so, they are a fascinating phenomenon. It is something about those swirling winds that effortlessly fling objects into the air that is so compelling. Thankfully, most people don’t have to ever see these devastating storms. However, tornado spotters are trained to spot them in the case of an emergency.

Video Source

Their job is to report the tornado and its location to the authorities so that they can issue a tornado warning. In this video, you will see a spotter following a tornado when the unexpected happens.

This video starts with a man in a vehicle chasing down a tornado. The idea is to get close enough to clearly see it while staying far enough away to remain safe. Meanwhile, the tornado is devastating everything in its path. Let’s just say that some people will need to call their local roofer afterwards. All seems to be going well for the spotter of 14 years until the tornado suddenly changes direction. This causes the man to quickly U-turn and head the opposite way. Thankfully, he was able to escape safely.


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