The Satisfying World of Precast Concrete


Have you ever looked at a giant concrete building and thought, “huh, I wonder how that got there!” Well, this YouTube video gives you a first-hand look on how precast concrete buildings are actually made, from start to finish. It takes several people, machines, and hours to make a precast building just right. Let’s check out how those building that line your city’s street are actually made!

To begin, precast concrete companies crush rocks and sand together to begin the mixing process. Different stones and sand types can be included to get different mixtures, colors, and even different hardnesses.

Video Source

Several hands are then needed to place giant foam letters onto the casting platform. The casting platform serves as a backing for the wall that will be cast. After including a sheet of welded wire mesh, the wet mixture is poured into the casting platform and pushed around with a handy tool called a screed until it is perfectly level. The leveling process is incredibly satisfying to watch, isn’t it? Drying and construction are the final steps to a brand new cast concrete wall.


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