The New Frontier of Gifts- Miniature!


There is always a holiday or event approaching that requires you to bring a gift. Whether it is your best friends birthday party, the Christmas holiday season, or a baby shower, you need to find cute, special gifts that fit the unique personalities of different people. This process can be stressful, as you want to find something that is super individualized and perfect for each specific person, but running from store to store and lugging around heavy, expensive items throughout the country or world is scary and difficult. Instead of burdening your travel plans or settling on a mediocre item because that is all you can find, consider looking for some small gift ideas. These miniature purchases are wide ranging, from miniature soccer balls to tiny uno cards, they are fun and easy to travel with, and they fit all types of personalities. Additionally, you can find them online, which is great for the procrastinator! Read on to learn more about this up and coming industry.

Benefits of Purchasing Mini Gifts

    1. There is a booming online market- you will definitely find something that suits you.

    You definitely do not want to limit yourself, whether that is in money or object type, when you are looking for a gift for that special person in your life. Fortunately, miniature gifts are perfect for this. The expanding online market will suit your last minute procrastination, while their range of items will suit the needs of your loved ones. Did you know that a survey reported that approximately 25 percent of the United States population waits until the last minute to purchase gifts? If you are like me and many others, shopping for unique gifts online is perfect for you. The online industry is growing at an extraordinary rate; in fact it has been reported that global retail e-commerce sales are expected to approximately double between 2016 and 2020. You can find anything online now- from a tiny zen garden for your desk to tiny uno cards to mini horseshoes, let your creativity run wild with these cute, special, and inexpensive gift ideas.

    2. Bus, plane, or train, they are easy to travel with.

    Whether it is the holiday season in the winter or wedding season in the spring and summer, you are likely traveling to events held around the nation or even country. This travel becomes cumbersome when you have to also plan to bring a gift along (plus more expensive when you have to check an extra bag and pay that airline fee!). A quality solution is looking for tiny gifts. These are miniature versions of fun and useful items that you can pack in your carry-on, so you know it will be safe and sound when you arrive. Plus they range in style and type, from tiny uno cards to mini books, you know you will be able to find the perfect gift in pristine condition.

    3. Create meaning without the clutter.

    You do not need to have an event planned to buy someone special a gift. In fact, according to a 2015 survey by USGiftIdeas, 58.79 percent of respondents concluded that gift giving makes their relationships more meaningful. But, all those little meaningful items, while really nice and special, create clutter and could end up thrown away during the process of moving or relocating. Instead, consider shopping for miniature gifts online. It might be something as simple as picking up that tiny book for your avid reader friend, or those tiny uno cards for the gamer in your life, it all adds up to create, develop, and cultivate a relationship with the special people in your life. Plus, you get to see the surprise on their faces when they receive these tiny presents!

Whether you need some inexpensive stocking stuffers, Easter basket fillers, or ideas for filling gift baskets, you can find the perfect item in a miniature gift size. As this market continues to grow, the possibilities are seemingly endless, fitting every personality and type. Next time you need to find one of a kind gifts, consider perusing some miniature gift ideas online!

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