The Most Unusual Pizza Toppings


Pizza is a food that is loved by many people. It is delicious and business’ can deliver pizzas to you on demand. However, may people love pizza in many different ways.

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In this video, you will learn about some of the most unusual pizza toppings.

The first type of pizza on this list is crocodile pizza. This type of pizza originated in Australia and can be found at the Australian Heritage Hotel. It also offers Kangaroo and Emu pizza. The next is haggis pizza. It is the national food of Scotland. Believe it or not, this pizza is fairly popular. Next on our list is reindeer pizza, much to the displeasure of santa. This type of pizza has become popular in Italy. It is known as Berlusconi. Another type of pizza is green peas pizza. This is one of the more healthy options. While not popular in the United States, green peas pizza is popular in many other countries. Some countries even put mayonnaise on pizza. In Japan, Dominos even has an entire line of mayonnaise sauce pizzas. As you can see, there are plenty of unusual pizzas out there. Will you try any of them?


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