The Most Unusual Gun Range in the World


There are plenty of gun ranges across the United States. Chances are, you have probably visited one yourself. There is one particular gun range in Switzerland that is very unusual.

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In this video, you will learn just what makes this range so special.

The Brünnlisau shooting range may just be the most unusual shooting range in the world. People take there position in the designated area like most ranges. However, when they start shooting, they shoot over a busy road at targets on the other side. No cars are ever hit because the targets are elevated above a large reinforced concrete wall that separates the road from the range. Regardless, bullets still whiz far over the heads of drivers. However, there is no possible arc where the bullets could hit the drivers. The club itself is home to over 160 members and 140 soldiers who come to practice there. Each one must have training and permits. They have special requirements that keep all members in check. They must reload/unload a certain way and they must shoot lying down prone. As for the targets the range uses. They look like normal targets, but they actually have electronic measuring systems that allow the user to see exactly where their shots are landing.


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