The Most Dangerous Elevator in the World


Elevators are so commonplace that we don’t think twice about using them. This was not always the case. There has been much lift modernization since then. As elevators were gradually coming into existence, there were several different designs of elevators used.

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Some looked like the elevators that we see today. Others looked quite a bit different. Take the Paternoster elevator for instance. This elevator may just be the most dangerous type of elevator in the world. In this video, you will learn about Paternoster lifts.

There only a few Paternoster lifts left in the world. This is for good reason too. These elevators have an open shaft. This means that there are no sliding doors that seal you in the elevator. This might not sound bad at first, however there is more to consider. Paternoster elevators also never stop. That is right, to board the elevator, one must step onto it as it goes by. This is because these elevators use a constant loop system in which two elevators are always moving. This allows the elevators to carry more passengers. However, it obviously creates a safety hazard. What happens if you don’t get on the elevator in time? An even worse scenario would be getting stuck in between. As you can see, there are certainly reasons why these lifts are no longer widely used.


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