The Importance of Comfortable Seating in a Home Theater


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Many people are now installing a home theater to their homes. With today’s modern technology it is a relatively easy thing to do. With movie theater prices skyrocketing, a home theater system pays for itself in almost no time at all. Statistics show that 57% of people would prefer to watch movies at home. Therefore, home theater systems have become a reality for many homeowners.

Imperative to a good home theater system is comfortable home theater seating. Home theater furniture needs to focus on the comfort of the customer, which means relaxation and satisfaction for long periods of time. Studies have shown that 44% of people who have said they had been to theaters where the seating was soft and comfortable would absolutely return to that theater for future movies. Which further proves that the placement and construction of the seating makes a big difference in the comfort of a home theater. When designing a home theater, people will typically place the seating right in the center of the room or against the back wall, which, it is said, are the two most unfavorable positions to choose. The reason is this; the frequency of the base will often rise up the walls and then diminish in the middle of the room. This probably does not give the viewer a top quality listening experience while watching movies! The positioning of comfortable home theater seating should be researched by the homeowner before installing the chairs. By researching the sound and visual of the room, they will have a better idea of where the chairs should be in order to provide the best and highest quality movie watching experience for family and friends.

Streaming TV has become an extremely popular way for people to watch their favorite TV series. There are reported to be four million subscribers to Hulu, with 38 million people claiming to have watched within the last year. Home theater installation enables not only the viewing of movies at movie theater quality, or better, but also provides the ability to watch streaming television shows, as well as programs made exclusively for Hulu or Netflix. Netflix itself boasts 64 million subscribers. Many people enjoy the experience of streaming TV and revel in the opportunity to watch several episodes of their favorite shows in a row.

A thoughtfully designed home theater in which to view these programs only enhances that experience. By placing comfortable home theater seating throughout the room, the homeowner will increase the level of enjoyment. 73% of people asked have said that they feel very easy about binge TV watching, and many, 76%, feel that it is a time that they look forward to as a break from the busyness of daily life.

There are home entertainment experts in every town ready and able to answer the questions of homeowners considering the installation of a home theater system. By asking those questions and conducting their research first, a homeowner will find that they are confident and ready when the final decision, along with every detail, is made.

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