The Importance Of Art In The World All Around Us


From hotel artwork suppliers to wall art for hospitals, art is hugely important in all aspects of our society. The focus on art in our lives is important even if we don’t often look at art as a hobby or consider famous artists or any of that. Instead, just the presence of art can have a positive effect, making hotel artwork suppliers crucial to the world, as well as those who contribute to workplace decorations and wall art for places like hospitals and restaurants. Hotel art consultants can often even be hired through hotel artwork suppliers or as a separate party, and they can help to advice hotel owners on how to best adorn their hotel to make it as welcoming and as homey as is possible. Having a welcoming place, be it a hotel, a home, or a hospital, is crucial, and art can be a vital part of bringing that vision to life. Hotel lobby design ideas are a crucial part of this, and hotel artwork suppliers work hard to bring the vision of hotel owners to life.

Art in a hospital setting can have a huge impact and hotel artwork suppliers can work to bring hospitals to life, giving them color and vitality and erasing some of the gloominess and despair that people often feel when staying in them or even just visiting loved ones. Art can help to make such as space feel like home, and here lies in the importance of wall art for hospitals. In fact, studies have shown that wall art in a hospital can greatly reduce the stress of the patients being treated there. The Cleveland Clinic, for instance, has a contemporary art collection currently on display, featuring primarily works that have been created within the last three decades (the last thirty years, to phrase it another way) and incorporate a number of different mediums, from fine art prints to sculptures to nature images as well as some more abstract images. Of the patients who have been treated there, more than half – as much as sixty percent, to be more exact – have reported that seeing the art and being in the presence of it was key for stress relief and maintaining a sense of calm throughout the course of their treatments. Medical centers for veterans have taken note of this as well, and now more than fifty percent of all more than one hundred and thirty veterans centers in the United States offer art programming services and regularly rotate that art on display in their centers. The presence of art not only helps patients to feel that they are more at home in a hospital environment, a place that can feel cold and clinical without such touches, but it also made a large number of patients feel that the hospital and all those that worked in it even cared about them more greatly, an important feeling to have when receiving medical treatment, to say the least.

The presence of art is also beneficial for reducing the presence and the levels of workplace stress as well as for increasing workplace productivity in the typical work space in the United States. In fact, studies and surveys have found that nearly ninety five percent of all people throughout the country feel that a workplace that has incorporated art is far more welcoming than a workplace without it. Such workplaces have also been found to help stimulate overall creativity among employees, with more than sixty percent reporting that they feel and have felt more creatively charged in such spaces. And very nearly eighty percent of all employees agreed that art in the workplace was instrumental in helping to reduce stress, with more than seventy five percent of all employees feeling more able to express themselves in a workplace that incorporated wall art as well as art installations such as sculpture pieces.

Art is important in this world, as hotel artwork suppliers would be more than happy to tell you. From hotel art to art in the workplace to art in hospitals, art can have a positive impact on our lives as a whole.

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