Storm Chaser Attempts to Chase a Tornado of Dust


It takes a lot of guts to chase tornadoes. However, someone has to get near enough to study them. Plus, who else would give us incredible views of one of mother nature’s most beautiful and dangerous phenomena’s. Tornadoes can rip a roof or even an entire house to shreds in a matter of seconds. Not to mention, they can then toss tons of shredded house parts up hundreds of feet into the air.

Video Source

It is not uncommon to find parts of buildings miles away from their original location. If your house has had a close encounter with one of these beasts, the chances of needing a professional roof repair are pretty good. In this video, you will see a storm chaser attempt to chase down a huge tornado made of dust!

Tornadoes often take the color of whatever debris they have picked up. Tornadoes are simply columns of air after all. In this video, the tornado is a brownish red color because of all the dust and dirt that it has picked up. It is really quite beautiful to look at. However, the mesmerizing site almost catches this veteran storm chaser off guard as it passes right in front of him.


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