Stop Lying You Know You Love Crazy Cat Videos


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YouTube entertainment videos have been at the forefront of American culture since the website took off in 2005. While many people tune in to see a cute baby entertainment video or two, there is no doubt that one of the most popular things that has come into the pop culture realm is the cat entertainment video. Cat entertainment videos are without a doubt the undisputed champion of what have become known as “viral videos.”

They are played on cable TV shows and internet clip shows. They have been featured on late night TV shows and national morning news programs. Whatever the cat may be doing, in all likely event, most will end up looking and saying “aw!”

Ever hear of Grumpy Cat? How about the wildly popular internet cartoon Pusheen the Cat? Some people have achieved internet fame by posting a cat entertainment video to various internet websites. Once the video starts getting shared, it goes viral and there is no stopping it. Whether it is a cat hissing, a cute kitten walking on a piano or someone trying to make their cat jump for a toy, these videos are instant magnets for viewers.

Even the most masculine and manly personalities seem to be suckers for cat videos. For the past month, Anthony Cumia of the Opie and Anthony radio show on SiriusXM has been gaining attention by posting cute pictures and videos of his new kitten, Beavis. One such video, entitled “Kitten Needs My Glasses” raked in nearly 200,000 videos and even made the front page of Yahoo!

No matter what they are doing, it is doubtful that adorable cat videos will be going away any time soon!

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