Scary Roofing Moments Caught on Camera


Roofing is a dangerous job. Roofers can work many stories up. From this height, a fall can be fatal. Many roofers are injured each year from falls. You may want to think twice about doing roofing yourself.

Video Source

Consider hiring professional roofing services instead. In this video, you will see some of the scariest roofing moments ever caught on camera.

Storms are a force to be reckoned with. Roofers know the dangers that storms face. Many roofers will not even work in storms. In fact, nobody should work on a roof in a storm. In one clip, there is a strong storm that is blowing debris everywhere. The winds almost seem to be near hurricane force. The winds rip off parts of the roofing and the roofers are holding on for dear life. Yet another clip shows strong winds blowing roofing materials that are attached to a crane. The materials are blowing wildly in the wind and can not be set down on the roof. If these heavy pieces of wood are being blown around, it is hard to imagine how the roofers are managing to hold on.


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