Reduce Your Wedding Planning Stress When You Rent Your Wedding Linens


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Every bride knows how hectic planning a wedding can be. Wedding planning can often be a huge percentage of the stress — you want your wedding to be picture perfect and be as fairy-tale as you’ve always dreamed. It’s all about good planning and careful measurements, and luckily for you, wedding planners and wedding linen rentals exist. Even if you’re throwing a small reception, guests are still going to need tables, chairs, linens, and other amenities. Trying to figure out where to source all that from can be maddening, but with wedding linen rentals available, the task can be a much easier experience than you were expecting! Take some of the stress off your shoulders by hiring a rental company; many of them will rent you tables, chairs, linens, and even tents for your wedding should you need them. They should have plenty of options in terms of color and sizes for you to choose from, so you can customize to your heart’s content.
What Should I Be Looking at In Terms of Planning?
The Knot’s 2014 Real Wedding Study showed that the average number of guests at a wedding is around 136 people. Of course, you may have more or less at your wedding, depending on how large your families are and how many friends you want to invite. But it’s good to try and get a head count as early as possible, since that decides a lot in terms of how much space you’ll need at the venue, and how much you should be ordering in terms of seating, food, and beverages, among other things.
The study also showed that June and October were popular months to get married in and if you’re thinking about an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to take the weather into consideration. Renting a tent can be a good backup plan in case the weather turns inclement, or can offer relief from sun or a strong breeze.
How Can Wedding Linen Rentals Make Things Easier For Me?
One of the best thing about wedding linen rentals is that the same company will also let you rent wedding tables, wedding tents, tables, chairs, and even help with decoration. This lets you get the bulk of what you need from one company — that’s way less to keep track of than if you had gotten separate items from different vendors or companies. One bill for multiple items can make a huge difference, especially when you’re already dealing with a bill from the venue, your dress, the florist, the baker…the list goes on.
Additionally, you don’t have worry about laundering the linens at the end or returning them in pristine condition. The rental company probably hires out to clean and starch the linens and includes that in the rental fee. You’re assured elegant and high-quality linens for your wedding and it’s not just tablecloths and napkins that are included — often, runners, sashes, chair covers, and other decorative cloth elements can also be included under “linens.”
If I Decide to Rent a Tent What Should I Take Under Consideration?
A head count is super important when renting a tent, especially to know how much space you’ll need for seating, dining, and other events. If you have a dance floor, you’ll need to allot extra space for that. For example, if there’s cathedral style seating, you should allot about six square feet per person. If there are aisles and a speaker area added, estimate about eight square feet per person. If people are going to sit down and eat, take the table dimensions into consideration — you’ll want at least 12 square feet per person if you use round tables and ten square feet if you go with rectangular tables.
Also consider what kind of a look you’re going for with the tent. There are two main types — frame tents and pole tents. Sailcloth tents are often popular for weddings, due to their sophisticated and elegant look and breezy, nautical feel. However, polyester and vinyl are also popular choice for being durable, strong, and affordable.
Reduce your wedding planning stress when you hire a rental company to do your linens, tables, chairs, and even a tent!

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