Ready For Your Wedding? Don’t Start Decorating Without These Tips


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Weddings are one of the most ancient traditions in the West. As such, crafting the ideal occasion is one that takes a significant amount of work, time and patience to pull off. People around the country look for shortcuts to curb their budget, whether it’s turning to wedding lighting rentals or a backyard party tent. Which option will suit you best depends heavily on the nature of your wedding — where it will be held, how many people will be attending and, of course, just how extravagant you want to go! With wedding rentals at your disposal, you can get the flexibility you’ve always wanted without sinking your bank. Let’s take a look at what rental companies have to offer the average budding couple in the United States.

Quick Facts

Did you know June is the most popular month to get married, according to the Knot’s 2014 Real Weddings Study? It must be the amazing weather, as well as the combination between spring and summer, that keeps people coming back! Another survey found the average length of an engagement is 14 months, meaning most couples want at least a year to plan their wedding out to the fullest. If you want your event to go off without a hitch, you’ll want to cover the basics like chairs, tables, spreads and wedding lighting rentals.

Chairs And Tables

Let’s start off with furniture. Whether it’s a backyard party tent you’re setting up or a building you’re renting for the day, you’re going to need some tables and chairs to keep everyone comfortable during the proceedings. If you’re hosting a speech or any other type of presentation where your chairs will be lined up in rows, a common rule of thumb is to allow five or six square feet per chair to ensure everyone has enough room. Remember that particularly bulky chairs or guests of varying shapes and sizes may need a little more flexibility. For cathedral type seating, go for six square feet per person.

Lighting And Decoration

If you want to save money, wedding lighting rentals are the way to go. When weddings can cost an upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, you’ll want to hold on to every spare penny you can get! Much like interior decorating, lighting is used to establish a mood as well as make your available space easy to navigate for the dozens or hundreds of people that will be attending. Light strings are popular for their easy set-up and charming atmosphere, though you can always find lamps to accessorize your tables with.

Food And Spreads

According to the Knot’s ongoing Real Wedding Study, the average number of wedding guests is 130 people. You’ll want to keep this in mind as you’re renting wedding tables and setting up a delicious spread. A basic tip is to double-check the allergies of the guests, as the last thing you’ll want is someone getting sick during a happy occasion! The cocktail area should be kept away from the children’s area and, if you’re feeling a little nervous, there’s no shame in hiring a caterer to give you peace of mind.

Renting Your Supplies

There’s no need to spend hundreds of excess dollars putting together your wedding. From wedding chairs to wedding lighting rentals, you have all your basics covered and more when creating a memory that’ll last a lifetime. Rental companies offer a wide variety of furniture and accessories to choose from, with warranties that’ll keep you covered in case of spills, tears and burns. Once the wedding has wrapped up and the afterparty is a distant memory, you can simply return your products back to their place of origin. With resources like these, who needs worry?

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