Porch Pirate Gets Stuck in Snowbank


Porch pirating has become a common problem in the United States. These porch pirates will steal packages off of peoples’ doorsteps when they are not home. More and more people are installing security cameras and security systems to combat against porch pirates. Some people even have their packages delivered to right inside their garages. In this video, you will see a porch pirate attempt to steal a package and fail miserably.

Video Source

He may need a bail bond company after this incident.

In this instance, the porch pirate attempted to grab a man’s package, but little did he know that the homeowner was still home. The homeowner opens the door to confront the porch pirate and scares him away. While attempting to flee, the porch pirate accidently backs his car up into a nearby snowbank. The car gets stuck and the porch pirate desperately attempts to push his car out. All the while, the home owner has called the police and they are on their way. The homeowner has a sense of humor and asks the thief if he wants a shovel. He is going to need a lot more than a shovel to get him out of that mess.


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