Man Picks Impossible Locks


Every once in a while, we accidently lock ourselves out of our car or home. This when it makes sense to call a home locksmith to let you back in. They will likely ask for your identification to make sure you are the home owner.

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Next thing you know, your home will be unlocked. Most locks are not difficult to pick with the right tools. However, one person set out to make an unpickable lock. After many hours of designing and engineering, it was finished. This unpickable lock was then sent to a professional locksmith. In this video, you will learn how the unpickable lock was solved.

The video starts with the locksmith showing the two locks that he was sent. The first lock is the prototype that is fairly easy to solve. However, the next lock is a completely redesigned version that is supposedly impossible to solve. However, the locksmith has a theory on how to solve it. They explains this theory and then attaches the lock to a test door. He then shows how the lock can be solved with a minimally invasive procedure. All it took was exploiting some small vulnerabilities in the lock.


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