Male Figure Art Tips


Drawing the human body is not something anyone can pick up in a matter of minutes. Different body shapes and sizes require specific tips for accurate illustration. This also applies to male figure art. To get started on your artistic endeavors, read here for some tips you may need.

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When beginning the process of drawing a human body, start with sketching advanced shapes. Basic shapes can only get you started on drawing stick figures. Finding the balance between those “stickman” shapes and advanced, more realistic shapes will help with starting to draw the human anatomy. It’s best to begin with the torso area, as this is a great place to practice drawing advanced shapes.

Moving onto the lower body, there are some key tips that differ from drawing the upper body. It’s important to know that while arms and legs are very similar, their proportions make them very different. Using a diamond shape is a good start to accurately drawing your figure’s legs. The shape, slope, and size of your legs also require advanced shapes to be made. Just be careful that you do not follow the arms process to do this.

These tips apply well to male figure art. If you’re looking for more comprehensive insights, click on the video we’ve linked above!


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