Looking At A Few Tips For Cost Cutting In The Wedding Planning Process


Planning a party – particularly a wedding – can be a stressful thing indeed. After all, there is just so much that must be taken into consideration that it can feel nothing if not wholly overwhelming to get it all done in time. There are so many decisions to make, and so many different pros and cons to weigh. More than anything, however, the matter of budget can prove to be particularly stressful for the average couple in the process of planning their wedding.

After all, the typical wedding has more than one hundred and thirty guests (one hundred and thirty six guests to be more exact) – and some have even more. When you have such a large number of people invited, it’s only to be expected that your costs will be high, from finding a venue large enough to accommodate that number of people to hiring a caterer and paying for one hundred and thirty six meals, plus the meals for yourselves and your bridal party. Factor that into other wedding costs, from decor to clothing to other odds and ends, and it’s no surprise, really, that the typical wedding here in the United States will cost, on average, more than thirty five thousand dollars, with more than seventy billion dollars collectively spent on weddings each and every year in this one country alone.

But for some people, that amount of money is just not one that they can afford to spend. After all, thirty five thousand dollars is no small chunk of change and for couples who are paying for their wedding with no help from close family members, it is not a necessarily easily obtainable or even feasible one in the first place. For such people, looking into cost cutting measures will be essential as they draw nearer and nearer to their wedding day.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways that money can effectively be saved when planning a wedding. For one, you can always pare back your guest list. Inviting only the people who are closest to you will be very effective at reducing the costs of your wedding, as you can then choose a smaller venue and you will have less people for whom to provide food for. However, for people who have large families (especially if this the case for both sides of the wedding guest list), this can seem an impossible thing to do.

Another way to save money is to switch out your cutlery for metallic gold plastic cutlery. This metallic gold plastic cutlery or other such metallic gold disposable cutlery is likely to be ideal for a number of reasons. For one, metallic gold plastic cutlery, even though it’s true that it is made of plastic, does not look cheap. Along with metallic gold plastic cutlery, using elegant plastic champagne flutes and elegant plastic tableware can still give you the feel of a formal event, but without the price of renting out silverware and table settings for more than one hundred people – sometimes even up to two hundred people.

In addition to this, metallic gold plastic cutlery and other such plastic serveware will be easy to clean up for the venue – and might even reduce the cost of using the space you are using, as they will not need to provide or clean up their own tableware. When you provide metallic gold plastic cutlery and other plastic implements for eating off of, you make just about everyone’s lives a great deal easier, there is no doubt about it. Of course, using a lot of plastic is not all that great for the environment, but doing it for one night out of your entire life is likely to not have that much of an impact in the long run.

However, when you use disposable tableware and metallic gold plastic cutlery and the like, it’s important to make sure you will have enough of it for all of the guests that attend. And when using disposable table settings, it’s always better to have back ups. In fact, it’s even recommended that you have at least three napkins for each guest.

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