Learning to Let Out Your Happy While You Move to the Music


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Too often in a society of rigid structure and expectations, people forget to let loose and express themselves. And then, sadly, too often they seem to forget how to do so. But contrary to the beliefs of those who subscribe to those expectations of climbing to the top of one success ladder or another only to be too exhausted, burnt out, aged, or bitter to enjoy it, letting go and finding an outlet for expressing yourself is absolutely vital to your overall personal success in relation to your health and happiness.

Finding your happy
You can’t let anyone else tell you what your happy is. Others might be able to help you discover it, or help you develop it, but your true happiness and ability to express yourself must be uniquely you. You could try your hand at painting, or photography, or writing poetry. Maybe you will find your bliss out on the water, be it through sailing or surfing. You could unexpectedly tap into your ability to find happiness in your world through release and expression just about anywhere. Don’t limit yourself. Try everything. Everyone is different and has different ways to relieve stress and have some fun. But one thing that so many people have in common is dance. Even those who claim not to like it, or that they do not know how to dance, have the ability to find utter joy through movement, if they just let go enough and really let loose.

Finding your rhythm

Dancing is for everyone, no matter how old you are. And if you would prefer to be completely free of structure, don’t let anyone tell you that you ever need to even set foot in a professional dance studio for instruction. But for those who would like a little guidance, or perhaps are hoping to hone a skill or passion, whether for performance or personal preference, there are many options available. From classic ballroom dancing to capoeira to hip hop, you could learn a range of styles, and you could choose to do so in a group dance class or in a private dance lesson.

Benefits of movement to music
Whether you started out in dance classes for kids or you are just now testing out your ability to shake your tail feathers, there are so many reasons to move to that music. First of all, and probably most obviously, dancing is fun! You don’t have to know all of the right steps or look like you were the mastermind behind the choreography of today’s biggest pop hit. Letting yourself just feel the music, and feeling free enough to move however you want, is absolutely liberating. But the benefits don’t stop there. Regular dance activity helps to strengthen muscles and bones, it has been proven to significantly decrease tension and stress, and as it provides steady aerobic activity, it also helps to promote cardiovascular health. Add on top of that the social opportunities, particularly as dance classes for kids open doors that might not have been noticed otherwise, and it is hard to see why the streets aren’t already full of people dancing at this very moment.

Dance from the beginning
Dance has evolved over time, as it should, changing with the times and the people who move through life in different ways. And it can be traced back to origins believed to be older than 9,000 years ago. The first proof, archeologically speaking, of dance was discovered in India by way of cave paintings. Every age and every generation made it their own, and now, thousands of years later, ballroom dancing is an Olympic sport, and so many aspects of our society relies on dance for expression. Having available dance classes for kids of all ages and backgrounds should be required everywhere at this point.

Dance classes for kids are a great place to start. But every single benefit that a child can receive from a dance lesson, an adult can achieve as well. It’s all about connecting with that inner child and letting him or her out to freely move to that music!

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