Kids Experience Horrific Encounter With Armed Robbers


You may find this video disturbing. You have been warned. It is almost incomprehensible to most of us to imagine our kids being robbed at gunpoint while at home. It is a very rare occurrence. However, it is not unheard of. In this video, an armed robbery happened at the worst possible time.

Video Source

That is when the children were home alone while the parents were out. It was all captured via their home’s security system.

During the encounter, the children were forced to lay on the floor while the robbers look for valuables. Unfortunately, they have trouble unlocking the gun safe. They proceed to pull the girl up from the ground by her hair and take her to the safe to unlock it. This warrants an assault charge among other things. They are likely going to need assault bail bonds once they are caught.

The parents got an alert on their phone from their security system during this encounter. They proceeded to confront the criminals from afar. They yelled at them to leave and explained that the police are on the way and that the neighbors are home.


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