Is Your Son Hoping for a New Skateboard This Winter


Electric skateboard

In a time when the rest of the world is talking about driverless cars and ordering groceries online and having them delivered right to your home, you are glad that your son and his friends are still in their skateboarding phase. While other kids his age are talking about fast cars and late night dates, your son and his crew do not go any farther than talking about motorized skateboard electric options. And while it is difficult for you to imagine that your son might be part of a future generation that will not rely on learning to drive cars, it is important to make sure that you cherish these current moments.

Motorized off road skateboards allow riders to get where they want to get faster than they would be able to otherwise. In fact, the same skills that are learned on the very first skateboards can transfer into the next level of transportation.
It may come as no surprise that skateboarding is not just for the youngest thrill seekers who are not yet old enough to get their vehicle driver’s license. Finding a skateboard electric, in fact, attracts a whole new audience of enthusiasts who are excited about a powered skateboard with electric motor. Getting some where fast, or showing your skills at the newest skateboarding park is reason enough for many people to seek out a powered skateboard.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the skateboards that are increasingly popular among riders of all ages:

  • 11 million people indicate that they enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis.
  • Currently, America has a total of 500 skateboarding parks.
  • The U.S. accounts for more than 50% of the total skateboarding market in the world.
  • 23.9% of all skater boarders are female, while 16.6% of all skater boarders are female.
  • A core skater is someone who skates 26 times or more every single year.
  • 77% of skateboarders prefer to shop with small specialty brands rather than the top brand names that are on the market.

If you want to make sure that you have the perfect gift for your child you might want to check into the latest motorized skateboard that is available.

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