Intro to Leather Crafting


Several Americans have jumped headfirst into crafting during the Covid-19 pandemic. From sketching to painting to candle making, people can’t get enough of being creative. Crafting areas like floral work and leatherworking have grown increasingly popular these past few years. Leathercrafting can consist of several things, from designing cool patches to making leather jewelry.

Video Source

What you choose to make with leather is completely up to you, but we do have a few suggestions! This video details a few of the basics of leathercrafting to get you hooked on the craft in no time!

In order to jump into leatherworking, you will need quite a few tools. Stitching chisels are some of the more specialty tools you will need. Waxed wire and a cork back ruler are also to essential to begin leatherwork. Obviously, you will need some leather for whatever project you are pursuing. You can pick up leather from your local craft store, or other specialty fabric store. Cheap leather works best for starting to learn the fundamentals. It takes some time to learn how to properly cut leather, so don’t start out with anything expensive. Get a cheap sheet just to practice on. Happy crafting!


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