How to Use a Simple Water Pipe


This video will explain some basics of water pipes, primarily bubblers. A water pipe is a device that consists of a bowl mounted on a vessel of water which is provided with a long tube and arranged so that smoke is drawn through the water to be cooled before reaching the mouth. A bubbler is similar to a bong in the sense that it is still a water pipe, but it often has several characteristics that separate it from others.

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This includes the presence of a choke, the absence of a slider, and how you hold it and how your lips rest on the mouthpiece.

To use it, make sure you put enough fresh and cold water in it. If there is a percolator, cover it at least halfway up and then just hold the lighter over it. The advantage of water pipes is that the smoke is less harsh and cooler than others. Several small quick hits instead of one long one is much more enjoyable. Additionally, the large pieces of ash and much of the tar ends up in the water and stuck in the glass interior instead of going straight into your lungs.


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