How To Make Ice Blocks


This video will show you how to make ice blocks. Using ice blocks for party exhibits is an excellent way to create an elegant and classy impression on your guests. This technique also provides a cooling effect in outdoor social engagements during seasons with extremely high temperatures.

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You can also use ice blocks to preserve large amounts of food that cannot be stored in a refrigerator.

How do you make ice blocks? The first step in making an ice block is using a plastic sheet to line the interior part of a large tank before piping water into it. You can then insert a dipstick attached to a measuring bar to determine your ice block’s thickness. Install water-proof pumps inside the tank to maintain the water flow, eliminate impurities and facilitate freezing. Your ice block will be formed within three days of closing the tank’s lid.

Once the ice block is formed, pull it out of the tank using a lifting bar and chain hoist. Ensure your ice block does not have any cracks or clouds before sculpturing it in the freezer according to your preferred design. Most manufacturers use electric routers and guide wheels for better accuracy and speed in sculpturing.

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