How Police Dealt Swiftly With A Dangerous Suspect


What would you do if you saw a person in a busy store pull out a knife. Most of us would probably freak out and run. In fact, you should run if possible and alert the police as soon as you are in a safe place. However, police officers don’t have this luxury. They don’t have anyone to call.

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They have to put themselves in harm’s way to figure out how to deal with a situation and keep people safe. This is an extremely hard thing to do. In this video, you will see how police officers dealt with a lady threateningly holding a knife in a Walmart in Florida.

The police had been called because a woman was threatening another person with a knife. The police officers quickly responded to the call. This is where the video picks up. The officer is holding a gun and demanding that the lady put down the knife. The woman refuses to do so. This is not a smart move as the officer must do something to apprehend her safely. Fortunately, the officer also has a taser at his disposal. A second officer gets the attention of the lady which gives the first officer time to fire his taser at the lady. Just like that, the woman was easily arrested without any unnecessary violence. She may need to consider bail bond services if she wants to stay out of jail.


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