How Is Art Valued By an Art Appraiser?


Famous pieces of art are worth millions of dollars, but we often wonder how they got that price tag in the first place. Even art enthusiasts don’t follow the process of evaluating art, as most art appreciators have a unique way of putting the price tag on a piece of art. Let’s learn the process behind appraising art and the guidelines most appreciators follow.

The first step for an Appreciator in evaluating art is to do proper research on other pieces of art made by the same artist. Art appreciators follow auction houses and nearby art exhibitions and learn more about the artist and the offers for their art.

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There are numerous types of appreciators, and each one focuses on an art category. For instance, local antique appraisers focus on handmade antiques from skilled artists and put a price according to the artist’s technique and materials. Most art appreciators work with organizations that pay them to appraise and learn more about an artist’s piece.

Appraising art is a curious way to determine the value of a piece of art. Although art is subjective, we can understand how they put a price on the most captivating and beautiful paintings.


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