How a Wine Lover Might Order a Drink Online


Today, wine ranks as one of the most popular drinks in the entire world, alongside beer, tea, coffee, and simple water, and for millennia, human civilizations around the world have brewed alcoholic drinks, ranging from the bread-based beer of the ancient Egyptians to Greek wines to today’s dazzling variety of wines and other spirits. Rare wines may fetch a high price at auctions, but there is much more to the wine world than chasing a rare wine bottle. Rather, a wine lover today may enjoy the varied brands and styles of wine found around the world, and with e-commerce, finding a fine bottle of red or white wine is easier than ever. One can buy white wine online for a fair price, and a customer who chooses to buy white wine online may either receive it at their doorstep, or, in warmer weather, visit the warehouse when it is ready and pick it up (wine is sensitive to heat). The choice to buy white wine online can be a great option if someone does not live close to a vineyard or other winery, and Barolo wines and many other similar brands may be found with e-commerce when one chooses to buy white wine online. Red wines can be found this way, too, and a fine red wine may be just a few mouse clicks away.

Who Drinks?

There is no question that wine stands as among the most popular drink of everyone aged 21 or over in the United States (the legal age may be lower in other nations, such as 18). Today, wine is most often produced in what may be considered the “big three” of wine production: Italy, France, and the American state of California. One can buy white wine online from a French or Italian winery and get it internationally, or an American consumer may buy white wine online from a Californian vineyard for something more domestic. Who is drinking all this wine, and how much?

Wine may often be associated with quaint older times, such as gentlemen in tuxedos sharing a bottle. But today, many customers are looking for wine to enjoy. A Harris Poll, for example, found that women in particular enjoy wine in the United States, and they tend to prefer it over beer as their favorite alcoholic beverage. Overall, 46% of all American women cite wine as their top choice of alcoholic drink. And many younger drinkers are looking for fine wine, too. The Millennial generation gets a lot of attention from marketers and researchers, since they are now entering an age where they can afford major life purchases such as cars and houses, and their spending habits are of great interest to marketers since they are now old enough to spend serious money. Many Millennials, or those born between 1982-1995, have established themselves as great wine lovers, right alongside older drinkers. And any Internet-savvy consumer of wine may know how to buy white wine online to get just the bottle they want.

Make the Purchase

One option is to buy wine in person, and for a resident of California, France, or Italy, this may be easy, since vineyards and wineries may be all over the place. There, a consumer can choose from many bottles on site, not to mention accessories like corkscrews, protective sleeves for bottles, or even wooden signs with a person’s favorite wine brand on it, or even a tote bag for wine bottles. Such sites often offer tours of the facilities as well, which can be great fun for patrons.

But other consumers may not have a nearby vineyard, and a local liquor store or the liquor section of a supermarket may not have an obscure brand that the consumer wants. This is where e-commerce can help. A consumer can visit a winery’s online catalog and place their order at their leisure. In some cases, the delivery will be right to their doorstep and they must sign it, but in other cases, the wine will be brought to a warehouse by truck and put in a cooler. The customer will then be notified, and they can visit the site and pick up their purchase at will.

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