Granny Takes on Burlgars


We normally think of grannies as being kind old ladies. This is normally true. However, you don’t want to see granny’s other side. In this video, you will see several burglars get more than they bargained for when granny shows up. You better believe they are going to need some reliable bail bonds after this encounter.

This burglary takes place in Tacoma, Washington. Several burglars break into a house that they think is empty for the day.

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They were very wrong. The burglars search the house and find nothing of value other than a purse that only has $20 and some earing in it. In their haste, one of the burglars knocks over a decoration which wakes up granny. Granny then comes roaring down the hall. She hollers at those burglars while they quickly vacate the premise. They haven’t seen a granny like this before. This granny was seems to have no ounce of fear in her. Thanks to granny and the security cameras that were recording the whole ordeal, these criminals will likely be identified and caught. This should be a valuable lesson for them to not break into houses, especially those with a sleeping granny.


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