Enjoy More Time Outdoors Skating with an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard


Motorized longboard

Whether you enjoy skateboarding every day or just on occasion, you’re in good company. There are around 11 million people that say they enjoy taking their board out on a regular basis. Core skaters are people that skate 26 times or more every year. A casual skater, however, is someone that goes skating 1 to 25 times every year.

Just in case you’re curious about the number of male and female skaters, 77.1% of all skaters are male, while 23.9% are female. When it comes to core skaters, though, 83.4% are male and 16.6% are female.

Do you commute to work on your board, or do you ride it around the neighborhood just for fun and exercise? Another great place to go skating and practice your moves is at a skateboarding park. You may be aware that the United States now has 500 of these parks. if you like to hang out at skateboarding parks throughout the week or weekend, you may have seen quite a few amazing moves. Did you know that the highest recorded Ollie was 45 inches? It’s pretty amazing to see someone make that jump, isn’t it?

What kind of board do you have? Chances are that you have several, right? Most skateboarders, or 77% of them, prefer small, speciality brands over top name brands. Given this, sporting goods stores just account for 3.1% of skateboard sales. It’s also interesting to note that 50% of the total skateboarding market is within the United States.

If you’re planning to add to your collection, you may want to check out an all terrain electric skateboard. These battery powered skateboards are re-chargeable, too, which makes them an environmentally-friendly way to get around.

Whether or not you want a new board for commuting to work or to spend time outdoors on the weekends, an all terrain electric skateboard, or an off road motorized skateboard, can bring you hours of fun and adventure. Once you experience how cool these boards are, you’ll spend even more time out skating. If you like going skating with friends, then you’ll want to bring them along to check out these boards, too. Find more on this topic here.

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