Embroidery for Beginners


If you’re looking for a fun and versatile hobby, embroidery is a great skill to learn. It’s pretty much just drawing on fabric and stitching over it. However, people’s skills when doing this is what makes the difference.

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Mastering this skill is not always easy, but with patience and practice, you can integrate the embroidery techniques you learn into your projects.

The first step in hand embroidery is to prepare the fabric to prevent it from fraying. This is done by sealing the edges with masking tapes or trimming the edges with shears and using a sewing machine to secure the edge with a zigzag stitch. The next step is to transfer the project template onto the fabric by tracing it using a water-soluble pen.

Once you have traced the project, place the fabric on a frame or a hoop to provide enough tension for neat stitches. Once the fabric is secure on the hoop, start the project with a knot about one inch from the starting point and start working your way around the design with a series of small embroidery stitches. Once you are done embroidering, secure the thread by weaving it through the back. Watch the video link above for a step-by-step embroidery guide for beginners.

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