Dangerous Tornado Rips House Apart


Tornadoes are a mysterious and dangerous phenomenon. They should never be underestimated. They can rip houses and trees to shreds in mere seconds. Even weaker tornadoes can blow out windows and take off roofs, requiring window replacement and roof repair. What is even worse, these storms can be unpredictable, changing directions without a moments notice.

Video Source

Even veteran storm chasers get caught off guard from time to time. In this video, you will see storm chasers get up close and personal with a tornado that proceeds to devour a nearby house.

Several storm chasers got too close to a tornado and had to readjust their positioning. The tornado was getting far too close. However, this was only one problem. Several more problems were about to spawn from the clouds. During a supercell thunderstorm, satellite tornadoes can spawn off of the main tornado. Even storm chasers will get preoccupied with the main funnel and sometimes miss these satellites. Therefore, these satellite tornadoes can provide an extreme threat. One of these satellite tornadoes passed right by the chasers across the road in front of them. They were surrounded. Thankfully, these storm chasers were experienced and were able to dodge the tornadoes and get out of harms way. From a safe vantage point, they were finally able to get some video of the tornado sucking up an entire house.


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