Crazy Tornado Footage


Tornadoes are notorious for ripping roofs right off of houses. This tornado was no exception. In this video, you will see a tornado rip a roof right off of a house.

Hank Schyma is a veteran storm chaser. The day is May 9th, 2016. Hank is in Oklahoma following a promising supercell.

Video Source

Sure enough, it produces a vortex. Hank can see it in the distance. However, no tornado warning have been issued ye. Hank promptly calls in the tornado with the hope of giving people enough time to take shelter. The tornado is still far away so Hank attempts to get closer. This is risky because his view of the tornado is obscured. However, it paid off as he finds a clear opening on a small hill. The tornado is spinning violently.

Unfortunately, the tornado proceeds to destroy a nearby house. Not even professional residential roofers will be able to fix this roof. The whole roof is taken clean off. You can see beams and supports whirling violently in the vortex. In fact, there is nothing left of the house. It is completely gone. This is why tornadoes must be taken very seriously.


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