Craziest Swimming Pools


Who doesn’t love taking a dip in the pool after a long day. Pools can come in many shapes and sizes. Some may even be at exotic locations. In this video, you will learn about some of the most fascinating pools in the world. If this video inspires you to get a pool of your own, consider calling a pool builder to make your vision a reality.

The first pool in this video is located at Bronte Rock on the coast of New South Wales. The ocean and pool are only separated by a small barrier of stones.

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When the sea is turbulent, waves will crash over this barrier into the pool. This can be fun for swimmer who stand on the barrier and get knocked into the pool by the waves.

The next pool is at Seljavallalaug. This is an open air pool that was built in Iceland in 1923. This pool is free to visit and provides beautiful views. Swimmers can see incredible hills across a vast landscape from this pool tucked away next to a hill.

Next is the Cage of Death. This pool is infested with crocodiles. If you are brave enough, you can swim in an enclosed cage. This pool is for the thrill seekers and will create an experience you will not soon forget.


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