Child Has Super Powers


Children have incredible imaginations. One second they could be eating lunch, the next they could be a superhero. The combination of their imaginations and gullibility make them excellent candidates for pranks such as the one in this video.

In this video, a father is outside with his son. The father secretly has the garage door opener. Meanwhile, his son thinks that he can open the garage door with a simple hand motion.

Video Source

The child is also wearing a marvel tank top. He obviously knows a thing or two about superheroes. As the video goes on, the child makes motions in the direction of the garage door. Meanwhile, the father secretly uses the garage door opener to open or close the door as his son motions. The result is an incredibly cute and funny moment. The child yells happily as the door opens and closes. However, the door then stops responding to the child’s motions. The father teases his child about his powers not working. The kid now has a determined look on his face. He fruitlessly continues to attempt to open the door. Finally, the father presses the button to open the door. The child is happy again with the return of his superpowers.


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