Check Out This Amazing Pirate Ship Room


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Video Source

In this video, you will see a room that was transformed into a pirate fantasy for a young child.

The child’s room has blue carpet and walls. There are fish painted on the walls to make it look like the ocean. The trim of the walls looks like beach sand as well. However, the main attraction of the room is the pirate ship. The pirate ship is elevated off the ground. There is a ladder that takes the visitor up to a rope bridge. This rope bridge is how one enters the pirate ship. It come fully furnished with a steering wheel and cannon ports. The detail and texturing on the pirate ship is incredible.

The room also comes with a small jail cell for evil villains or little sisters. To top it all off, there is a rope that can be used to climb down through a hatch to the lower levels of the house. This house is truly incredible.


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