Bring Out the Mariachis, World Record Performance


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How many mariachis does it take to break the record for largest performance? Spoiler alert for those that cannot wait for the entertainment news video on July 7th, it will consist of 600 singing and performing mariachis at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Guiness Records officials are set to verify the record over the current Tucson, Arizona world record with 555 mariachis at an event in 2010.

For those less familiar with the mariachi, it refers to both the Son Jaliscience style of music that was popularized in the 1920s in Mexican cities, and the musicians that have embraced playing mariachi. You can find numerous entertainment video clips online that show the musicians in full regalia as they stroll around performing their craft.

While many people equate mariachi to those singers that always show up in old southwestern themed entertainment videos and advertisements, or as performers in Mexican restaurants, it is a thriving musical style that consists of multiple violins, trumpets and at least one guitar in the band. In fact, some southwestern high schools have incorporated mariachi bands into their programs.

Mariachi rolled again into the U.S. spotlight as 12 year old Sebastian De La Cruz sang the National Anthem in full mariachi dress at the 2013 NBA Finals in San Antonio, Texas. Sebastian, called El Charro de Oro, will join Los Camperos and nearly 600 other famous musicians during the halftime celebration at the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup finals, a biannual soccer championship that is scheduled to take place on July 7 at the Pasadena Rose Bowl in Southern California.

Entertainment news video reporters will be on hand from across the globe as Mexico and Panama national teams face off for the title in one of soccers biggest tournaments and more importantly to the mariachis, quite possibly the biggest televised audience for a mariachi performance.

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