Audio Producer vs. Audio Engineer


This video helps people to understand audio production and the difference between an audio producer and an audio engineer. It also provides some information about the differences between today’s producers and engineers and yesterday’s producers and engineers.

An audio producer is the person who oversees the production process. This person gets his projects from the label, and the label also approves or rejects the producer’s budget.

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The producer can also be involved in the creative process. He or she may decide whether a new album needs more songs or if it can get released the way it is. Additionally, a producer may have some control regarding tempo, lyrics, key, and delivery of the songs.

The producer’s duties usually don’t end there. That person may also be responsible for planning rehearsals and deciding which studio the artists will perform their practice sessions at.

An audio engineer is a master of the studio. He knows how all the equipment works and how to get the best sound out of a recording. He might be the person who performs mic checks and sets up the tape machine. This person also may operate the recording gear and control the recording button. He assumes many of the producer’s responsibilities and does similar tasks in some cases.


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