Answering Common Questions about Lawyers


Lawyers are a crucial part of our law system. Everyone has the right to one. If you type, lawyer near me into your search engine of choice, you will likely see dozens around you. However, we still have a lot of questions about lawyers.

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In this video, you will learn the answers to commonly searched questions about lawyers.

The first common question is whether lawyers actually use legal pads. The answer is yes. They are longer and do not have the holes that pens get stuck in. The lawyers also jokingly answer that the legal pads make them feel professional.

The next question is why lawyers hate their job. This is a stereotype and not often true. However, it is an extremely stressful job. Peoples’ lives are on the line and it must be taken very seriously. This is also where the stereotype of lawyers drinking heavily comes from.

Another stereotype is that lawyers often say, “objection!” This is not true. Lawyers rarely, if ever, say objection. It is saved for only if people are really doing something wrong in court.

Lastly, they answer why people dislike lawyers. This is because they are often portrayed as rich and morally questionable. Lawyers have to do their best to represent their client regardless of whether they are guilty or not.


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