A Look At The Rising Popularity Of Wine In The United States And All Around the World


From vino to beer, there’s no doubt about it that alcohol is hugely popular and prevalent here in the United States (and truly all throughout many places of the world on a whole). In fact, the United States alone sells more than two hundred and nineteen billion dollar’s worth of alcohol over the course of just one year here in the United States and vino (or wine, as you might call it more frequently) makes up a huge percentage of that overall number.

And wine (vino) is certainly no new thing, not here or anywhere in the world. After all, wine and vino date back as many as six thousand years, where vino first originated in what we now know as the Middle East. In the years since, of course, wine has spread all throughout the world and now nearly one billion gallons of wine are consumed in the United States alone on a daily basis, at least as of the year of 2016, when this data was collected. But by the time that we reach the year of 2020, now less than two full years away, overall wine consumption and retail sales are expected to climb by as much as eleven percent, a rate of increase that is likely to continue to be sustainable in the years that are to come as well.

This makes sense, too, as there is certainly a vino out there for everyone. From sparking wine to white Italian wines to white wines in general, there is a huge variety of wine out there even among white wines alone. When you add red wine into the picture, there are more wines out there to choose from than most of us would even be able to fully comprehend. In fact, red wines tend to be the preferred type of vino among regular wine drinkers, with up to thirty eight percent of them choosing red as their top choice. However, white wines are still popular among alcohol consumers and wine drinkers with a thirty two percent preference, as white wines can provide a more mild wine drinking experience than your typical red vino. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you’re looking for out of your vino, your wine.

Of course, there are many occasions during which it is appropriate and even encouraged to drink wine. For instance, many people will have a glass of nice wine with dinner, especially if they are out to eat and a wine pairing has been specifically set out in order to complement a meal. While you can certainly have a glass of wine on its own – and many people do, no doubt about it – many think that wine is best when it balances out an exquisite plate of food and wouldn’t think about having a fine dining experience without one.

Wine is also a popular way to wind down after a long day of work or just a long day in general, at that, with some people choosing fine red wine while others choose to stick to far less expensive bottles of the stuff. Either way, sipping on a glass of wine or two over the course of an evening is a great way to treat yourself and a great way to relax. It’s even posited that drinking two glasses of wine a day could be good for your health, lowering your risk of suffering an early death by as much as eighteen percent – which is very nearly twenty percent, of course.

There’s no doubt about it that vino is important here in the United States, as it is truly the ideal drink for relaxing, enjoying a fine meal, or even celebrating. Wine can be both casual as well as formal, and it does not matter why you drink it, as long as you choose a wine that you thoroughly and whole heartedly enjoy. From rare wines to wines that you buy at your local gas station or grocery store, there are many different types of wine for you to choose from.

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