A Guide to Art Design In the Workplace


People across the globe absolutely love art in their home and in their workplace. Art is a great way to create some exciting and beautiful workplace decorations and more. However, the best benefit of integrating an art design into a workplace comes from decreased stress and much better creativity and production. As a result, anyone putting together a nice business should invest time and efforts into creating a nice art design!

In 2011, the University of London conducted a study in which subjects looked at a beautiful painting. Results from this study show that viewing a beautiful painting creates a 10% blood flow increase to a part of the brain responsible for the joy response. This is the same type of brain activity that comes from a patient when they look at someone that they love! So the right art design gives a workplace a huge creative advantage over others.

Another study was conducted in which participants were sent through a gallery for 35 minutes. They explored this area however they wanted to do so. When they left, they noted that they were much less stressed out as when they first entered. Here are more fats on the right art design, workplace stress, and production as well!

The Right Art Design Promotes Creativity

The benefits of art in the workplace starts with creativity and production. A study conducted revealed that almost 95% of people involved stated that art makes a workplace much more at ease and welcoming. Furthermore, nearly 61% said they are much more creative while sitting inside of a workplace with a nice artistic design.

Exeter University’s School of Psychology has research that shows that employees who can set up their workspace are better off than those who do not. So while you can control the overall art design, let people set up their own office area. Almost 30% of all workers studied stated that they felt much more productive on top of being happier and healthier. furthermore, 17% of all workers in another study stated that they were more productive in areas decorated with arts and plants!

The Right Art Design Reduces Stress In The Workplace

The Cleveland Clinic is a hospital that integrates contemporary art into their workplace, which is art from the past 30 years. This includes art in exam rooms, abstract art, images of nature, and sculptures as well. Research from this clinic shows that nearly 60% of all patients felt less stressful thanks to this art. therefore, businesses across the country can benefit from putting some money into a nice art design.

There are three key challenges for businesses across the United States. These three key challenges include expressing opinions, creativity, and stress. These are the three biggest problems that can hinder a workplace. However, any business that wants to get over the hump of these problems needs to hire art decorators. They will integrate a smart design for art all throughout the workplace and more. That way, workers will feel better about themselves and their work.

Inside of the workplace, an artistic design helps a business tackle all three of the aforementioned problems. Almost 80% of all employees feel less stressed thanks to the art integrated inside of their job. Also, nearly 65% stated that they feel much more creative thanks to the art integrated into the workplace. Finally, over 75% of all these workers also said they feel emboldened to give their opinions on their work and collaborative projects. So businesses can increase their production by just simply putting some pretty and beautiful art into the workplace.

In Conclusion

Businesses across the globe scratch, claw, and fight to get ahead of the competition. There are some tactics that help put a business over the top once they reach a plateau of success. As a result, any business that wants to try and edge out their competition needs to focus on their own workforce. Reduce the stress of employees and help encourage their sense of creativity but just placing some nice art onto the walls and plants throughout the workplace. It is going to make a huge difference for every single worker in your workplace.

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