A Good Laugh is Easy to Find


Entertainment news video

American culture has drastically transformed in the past century. New developments in technology have driven the culture toward what it is today. People want information, and people want entertainment. Therefore, entertainment news videos have become popular across the country.

The invention of the television has led to the ever increasing need for everything to be entertaining. In the nineteenth century, America was a literate culture. That does not just mean that they could read, it also means that nearly everyone read, and that the average American mind functioned in a way that could take in written material and process it. Today, America is an entertainment culture. The different options on the television and the need to find something that can make a person laugh has made it so that videos have to be entertainment videos. If they are not, people watch something else.

The ability of the American to stay focused on anything that does not interest him or her is now limited to about thirty seconds, which is roughly the length of a commercial. A good entertainment news video must deliver its information very quickly or else the attention span of the viewer will be spent, and the viewer will look for a different entertainment news video.

Entertainment video clips are all over the internet. People search youtube for the latest videos that have gone viral. Good entertainment news videos can attract a following as they continuously surprise, delight, and horrify viewers within a very short amount of time. Viewers are happy with an entertainment news video if it is short enough, if it is entertaining, and perhaps least importantly, if it provides good information.

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