6 Ideas to Fundraise for Your Company


Corporate event planning

if the task has fallen on you to come up with an idea for a successful fundraising event for your company, you have come to the right place. Finding unique ways to fund raise can be a challenge especially when it comes to corporate companies. Corporate event seems can be difficult to come by because you want to avoid the cheesy factor for professionals. However, here are some fun company event ideas that you may want to consider.

Casino theme party
You could turn it into a casino night fundraiser and besides the gambling, provide food and drinks and let it be a fancy event so that people are encouraged to spend more money. Your party planning checklist should include your goal, how much it will cost versus how how much is projected to be brought in, things like insurance and equipment rental and security as well as cleanup should all be taken into consideration.

Great fundraiser because it usually involves donations that are sold for profit.. Nowadays with mobile bidding and silent auctions, you have a lot of options. If you do your option as part of another event, you want to make sure that all other activity is on pause during the auction for about half an hour so that everybody pays attention to the auction. The auction and casino ideas can actually be combined into one event if desired.

Hot dogs and beer
In an opposite extreme from a fancy cocktail party like event, one of the fun company event ideas could be to host a barbecue type of event where you only have to spend a little on the party itself and charge admission. You can also charge for alcohol and give the hot dogs away for free.

Golf tournament
A golf tournament definitely has to be on the list of fun company event ideas because this is something that everyone can take parted and it is very versatile. It doesn’t even need to be golf, it could be any kind of sport that you wish. Golfing is the most common fundraiser because of the atmosphere it sets. Golf is known as a higher class sport and will probably raise more money then something like basketball or soccer. Plus, more people will be inclined to participate since it is a low impact sport.

Talent show
This one can even be done at your place of work so there was no need to spend money renting a venue. You can sell tickets to friends and family of the employees to raise money and have the employees show off their best talents. The best way to have a successful talent show is for all the employees to work together. Instead of having the same song sung three times, those three people could get together and sing the best version at the same time.

Dance Party
When a person says dance party, we tend to think of a throwback 90s gig but that’s not what this idea is. This idea refers to a very elegant ball room type of event with evening downs and live classical jazz music. Attendees will be willing to pay a pretty penny for ticket to an event like this and will have no problem paying for drinks once they get inside. Appetizers could be free. An even better idea would be to include drinks and appetizers in the price of the ticket, that way you can charge more and people feel like they are getting a package deal.

There are many fun company event ideas that can be used to fund raise for your corporation. Hopefully you will be able to use one of these ideas and raise everything that you need. You basically just want to take in to consider the cost of the event versus how much you will raise. Never throw a fund raising party that will not pay for itself as well as raising money, it would be completely pointless. A good fund raising party can be quite expensive but there is room to getting creative if you invite enough people who are willing to pay.

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